Fake McName are in the studio, finishing their first single "Vjetar" from the brand new album to be releases later this summer.

(morse)'s debut classic ambient/new age album A|| Look to the Heavens ||Z is out now. You can find it here Release:::(morse) - A|| Look to the Heavens ||Z. The album has 26 tracks, one track per each leter in English alphabet.

Vtol's debut electro-ambient album Static is out now. You can find it here Release:::Vtol - Static. The album was recorded on synthesizers, selfmade by Vtol.

neuroSampler's new abstract minimalistic album contact8853 is out now. You can find it here Release:::neuroSampler - contact8853.

Hypsmoik's new album Bemerkenswerte Artefakte is out now. You can find it here Release:::Hypsmoik - Bemerkenswerte Artefakte.

New electronic soundscapes album Innerspace from HE-LUX has been released on Far Away Records. You can find it here Release:::HE-LUX - Innerspace.

New ambient album Face In Crowd from soundartist and avangarde poet EugeneKha has been released on Far Away Records. You can find it here Release:::EugeneKha - Face In Crowd.

Two albums of experimental minimalistic project Ugol Ratmanova were published on the site. Release:::Ugol Ratmanova - Mgs-m=wy and their first studio live-album Release:::Ugol Ratmanova - Live Sessions 100308

Release of "ECL" from Sawsaw project. This is the first album from this avantgarde musician. Release:::Sawsaw - ECL

Release of "God Savigny EP" from Fake McName project. Release:::Fake McName - God Savigny EP

Release of "Orlov/Kniazkov. Themes to Play". This is the soundtrack for stageplay called "ROOFS: 'bout life above, where the Sun's below", which has been played only once at June 22, 2008 in Izhevsk, Russia. Those compositions are not soundtrack only, but also give the audience a snitch of several mutual and solo projects by two gifted musicians: Igor Orlov and Sergey Kniazkov. Release:::Orlov/Kniazkov. Themes to Play

Far Away Records is happy to present new ambient compilation <Ambientag> from many electronic artists around the world.
Now in Release:::Ambientag section.

Fake McName have revealed all their tracks from their first album "Air Fraance".
Now in Release:::Air Fraance section.

Fake McName have revealed 3 more tracks.
Soundscape "Hungary", Harold Budd influenced peace "Dragonfly" and Tangerine Dream-esque "3am At The Border of the Marsch to Yakty-Kul` Lake" are now in Release:::Air Fraance section.

Fake McName have revealed their first track from the forthcoming and long awaited album "Air Fraance".
The composition called "Frozen Cell" is now in Release:::Air Fraance section.

Far Away Records has transformed to the net-label. It means more releases will be launched in a very short time.

Ambientag's tracklist is complited and you can see it on Release:::Ambientag section.
Now we are waiting for answers from the artist about Far Away Records to be transformed to net-record-label. As soon as we hear from them, that they agree to new policy, we will launch this compilation.